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I have a large brain. It creates a lot of music. To my face, I have been accused of being "freakishly productive". So much so that I'm releasing three full length records in 2015 (after having released three EPs in 2012, the challenge to take it to the next level was quickly accepted). In order to keep you all informed and updated as to when and how you can hear this music, i'm offering a brand new subscription service through my Bandcamp page!

For only $40 a year, you'll be able to access all this new music (either streaming through your phone through the Bandcamp app, or as a DRM-free digital download). PLUS, I will be releasing subscriber only exclusives, such as demos, live tracks, etc. EVEN MORE PLUS, when you sign up, you'll receive a free download of my entire back catalog! You'll also receive exclusive updates and messages about shows, studio projects, etc.

Thanks for listening and continuing to be the reason that i do this...


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Ross Bellenoit
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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