Home Songs, Volume Two

by Ross Bellenoit

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Ross Bellenoit announces the digital and CD release of "Home Songs Volume 2" — the second in a series of three EPs being released this year — a set of literate, folk-pop compositions that straddle the line between the junkyard blues of Tom Waits’ disjunctive grooves and 80s new-wave nerd-pop.

Music fans already know Bellenoit from his 2010 solo vinyl LP "Eight Track Mind", and also as the stunning Telecaster slinger for the critically acclaimed Sweetback Sisters (Signature Sounds). He's also lent his guitar skills to internationally renowned songwriters like Amos Lee (Blue Note), Joseph Parsons (Blue Rose), and Birdie Busch (Bar/None).

Each of the "Home Songs" EPs comprises six songs — self-produced and recorded at Bellenoit's home in South Philadelphia — with postproduction handled by Bellenoit's partners at Turtle Studios, Rob Shaffer and Jeff Hiatt. The second installment proves as whimsical and world-weary as the first, but the arrangements feature a more intensely spartan quality, a greater directness in his intentions. Songs like "Lust" leave a deep, haunting imprint on the listener, while "Your Face" disguises a degree of snark in the lyrics with an uplifting lilt in the music.

Volume 3 is already recorded and will be released in the fall. Ross Bellenoit & The Goods are actively performing and promoting all three volumes of Home Songs throughout 2012.


released June 5, 2012

Written, Produced, Performed and Recorded by Ross Bellenoit from January 2009 to August 2011, at home.

Mixed by Rob Shaffer and Mastered by Jeff Hiatt at Turtle Studios, Philadelphia, PA.

Art Direction: Alec Meltzer

Photography: Kenton Elliott (front cover), Ross Bellenoit (back cover)

© Little Rolling Thunder (ASCAP)

Enormous thanks go to:
My family, my friends, my employers and co-workers at Turtle Studios: Jay Levin, Jeff Hiatt, Sandy Selznick, Rob Shaffer for encouraging my passion for recording, the city of Philadelphia, Apple, GarageBand, Logic.

These recordings are dedicated to Steve Jobs.



all rights reserved


Ross Bellenoit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: When I Leave
When I Leave (by Ross Bellenoit)

when I leave, put your hand in my palm
your arm in my sleeve
your voice in my song
your sunlit dress shining golden against the dawn
when I leave for the summer, leave your voice in my song

when I leave, leave your tools in the shed
your tears in your cup
your shape in my bed
your glowing, rusted book of poems yet to be read
when I leave for the winter, leave your shape in my bed

when I leave, leave my lips on your cheek
my struggle with your comfort
my songs with your grief
my little white lies to disguise my belief
when I leave for tomorrow, leave my songs with your grief

when I leave, leave me something to keep
something small enough to bury it deep
cause Lord I have such little time to spare
when I leave, leave me something to keep
when I leave, leave me something to keep

(July, 2010)
Track Name: Your Face
Your Face (by Ross Bellenoit)

your face is a sketch that i once drew in lines
that scattered apart when i tried to refine
the details that made up the portion of you
that seemed to consistently evade my view

your eyes are a blur that fill up a big screen
a shadowy trace of a ghost i have seen
it screams in my ear with it's pupils of red
demanding the colors it seemed to have bled

your mouth is a sacred and unholy priest
that calls for redemption while tugging my fleece
you always remember the spots where i bend
and fall to my knees when you try to offend

your chin is a home for a sucker and bib
it collects it's trophies and calls it's own dibs
on men who keep switching the hair on their heads
enough to allow you to sleep in their beds

my arm is dismembered from holding you high
so much that i thought that for once i could fly
but now i am grounded amongst the betweens
of what's left in store and of what i have seen

your body is buried beneath a veneer
of water and smoke that will soon disappear
i'm letting you float into glamorous view
for now it's really the most i can do

(September, 2010)
Track Name: Empty Shelves
Empty Shelves (by Ross Bellenoit)

a bird of chrome breathes a heavy breath
before it flies through heaven's breadth
retiring to the smell of dawn
your sleep is light but will last long

inside the house of empty shelves
we'll find the lost within ourselves
and give them air to breath in deep
before you wake up from your sleep

what fading star will crash into
the ever pulsing heart of you?
you know by now just what we are
the wreckage of some fading star

(March, 2011)
Track Name: New English Blood
New English Blood (by Ross Bellenoit & Hannah Zaic)

i followed you high through the deepest of caves
and came back a stranger to what i once craved
no longer attached to the ways of a prince
all subjects and patrons have abandoned me since
and gathering now are some clouds of design
to cover our fields with water divine
abandon your ship you can wade through the flood
if you locate the pulse in my new english blood

i followed you far into skies yet unseen
and landed a friend to the foes of the queen
they buy me my patience with promises made
to keep their religion free from the grenade
and gathering now are the shadows of time
to keep us disrupting the production line
forget the terrain you must dig through the mud
if you're craving a taste of my new english blood

i'll follow you still into oceans and tides
to places "where legends and history collide"
cause the life that you breathe in my restless despair
has given me hope in your sweet scented air
and gathering now are the currents of love
they pull you apart like the wings off a dove
i'll bring you ashore from the coldest of floods
and your breath will be warmed by my new english blood

(April, 2011)
Track Name: You Walk Away
You Walk Away (by Ross Bellenoit)

well there's a girl
in my town
she calls me by my last name
she asks me
where i've been
she wants to know my hidden shame

so i say i've been looking around
while staring at the frozen ground
avoiding that foreboding sound
where you walk away from me

well i have travelled
far enough
to know how hard our hearts have grown
so show me
if you can
the side that you have never shown

cause i say i've been looking around
while staring at the frozen ground
avoiding that foreboding sound
where you walk away from me

(June, 2010)
Track Name: Lust
Lust (by Ross Bellenoit)

the clean cut of night is upon our return
a jewel to be kept in a case of concern
we watch it dissolve into stories of lust
you do what you can, i do what i must
our hands are entangled in forces unknown
to keep us from keeping our cover so blown
while residents sleep in their houses of calm
we raise up a silence of prayers and psalms
you've spoken to jesus and he loves me too
but he doesn't know you just quite like i do
so spare your distaste for the flattering rose
nobody will notice what everyone knows

i'm watching you dress, lord my patience is thin
my body is itching to get in your skin
our talk of betrayal, it bores me to tears
for what is the use of confronting our fears
they live in our choices, they live in denial
they've stood in our shadows of shame for awhile
you're talking to me about changing your ways
so you can remember the most of your days
but life isn't always "increasing the dose"
it's keeping the secret that everyone knows

(February, 2009)