Home Songs, Volume One

by Ross Bellenoit

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Ross Bellenoit announces the digital and CD release of the first of three EPs to be issued this year, entitled "Home Songs". Each EP comprises six songs, self-produced and recorded at his home in South Philadelphia, a set of literate, folk-pop compositions that straddle the line between the junkyard blues of Tom Waits’ disjunctive grooves and 80s new-wave nerd-pop.

Music fans already know Bellenoit from his 2010 solo vinyl LP "Eight Track Mind", and also as the stunning Telecaster slinger for the critically acclaimed Sweetback Sisters (Signature Sounds). He's also lent his guitar skills to internationally renowned songwriters like Amos Lee (Blue Note), Joesph Parsons (Blue Rose), and Birdie Busch (Bar/None). "Home Songs" is the clearest statement yet of his personal artistic vision, capturing Bellenoit when left to his own devices.

The first volume runs the gamut from the Ron Sexsmith-inspired “Besides”—which not only highlights his penchant for clever pop melodies and thoughtful, nuanced lyrics, but twins them with ambitious production that manages to couple the atmospherics of Daniel Lanois with the poignant yet folksy sophistication of Joe Henry—to the enigmatic, pop experimentalism of “To Be Free”. The XTC-meets-Peter-Gabriel powerhouse “Lockless Heart” is perhaps the most forceful articulation of the breadth of Bellenoit's craftsmanship: a masterful combination of progressive harmony, elegant melodicism, rhythmic inventiveness, and virtuosic musicianship.


released January 20, 2012

Written, Produced, Performed and Recorded by Ross Bellenoit from January 2009 to August 2011, at home.

Mixed by Rob Shaffer and Mastered by Jeff Hiatt at Turtle Studios, Philadelphia, PA.

Art Direction by Alec Meltzer.

Photography by Kenton Elliot (front cover), Ross Bellenoit (back cover).

2012 Little Rolling Thunder (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Ross Bellenoit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Besides
by Ross Bellenoit

I thought I was dying
But I was only crying
Crying in the quiet of the room
I thought you were leaving
My love you were thieving
Screaming for the morning light to bloom

I thought I was more than
Just another stoned man
Reaching for your heartstrings to play
You thought I was saving
All my love for someone
Else who simply never could have stayed

You wished I had never
Opened up the letter
Besides all the b-sides on your shelf
Now with all the friction
Fueling our addiction
I can't find what's left of my true self

I thought I was dying
But i was only trying
To get your attention
To hold your affection

(May, 2011)
Track Name: I Can't Help
I Can't Help
by Ross Bellenoit

Four points on a map
An equidistant trap
When do the places we live become the places we long for?
Inside the bud of a rose
Belies what everyone knows
It's what you dream of at night, it's what I sing my song for

But I can't help falling in love with you...

I'm having trouble with time
It's running backwards in rhyme
When do the people we love become the people we die for
Ain't having trouble with sin
It's all I seem to be in
It's all I seem to be capable of telling a lie for

But I can't help falling in love with you...

What do you want me to do?
I'm turning black and blue now
Cause I keep falling for you, anyhow...

In time the road may be clear
Before we all disappear
Before the memory fades into the hour unending
And you'll be walking with me
Just like the way it should be
At least that's how i'm interpreting the signal you're sending

But I can't help falling in love with you...

(January, 2009)
Track Name: To Be Free
To Be Free
By Ross Bellenoit

We blew through the valley with dynamite speed
Fulfilling the want of wanting the need
To be free

Once we were there, we saw what we could
We saw we could never do what we should
To be free

And now when we run we keep looking away
Afraid of the darkness that's leading the way
To be free

The laws of the land are now leading the lame
Wading through fire and walking through flame
To be free

Uncover the coldness you hide in your chest
And know when you try that you're trying your best
To be free

The joke is a good one
You've heard it in jest
You've had it inscribed to the skin of your breast
But when the disaster
Becomes your disease
You can't quite recall all the words to your decrees

So we blew through the valley with dynamite speed
Fulfilling the want of wanting the need
To be free

In time the decision to live and let live
Will be made by a world that can learn to forgive
And be free

(September, 2009)
Track Name: Stranger
by Ross Bellenoit

How can you be such a stranger?
I've known you once before
You never asked for anything
And still I gave you more
Oh, how you'd be my precious one
My darling little angel
So how can you be such a stranger to me now?

Oh, I would count the days on end
Towards the time when you'd pretend
To love me, for a minute or two
But now you seem to ignore
The things that we had once before
They're trapped inside the things you say and do...

So how can you be such a stranger?
You know where we have been
I'm knocking on your golden door
But you won't let me in
I only have the greatest love
It isn't so insane
So how can you be such a stranger?
How can you be such a stranger?
How can you be such a stranger to me now?

(March, 2010)
Track Name: Lockless Heart
Lockless Heart
by Ross Bellenoit

The blessings in your beautiful bones
Have kept me from bringing it home
To you
You could break me in two

The soft light flickers side to side
To the sway of your hip and the crux of your stride
You could pull me apart
Such a lockless heart

Sometime, when we're old and sad
We'll remember the love we never could have
I'm a coward at heart
I knew it right from the start

The soft light flickers side to side
To the sway of your hip and the crux of your stride
You could pull me apart
Such a lockless heart

Straight into the eyes of a fool
You shoot your stare, collected and cool
I'm always falling down on my knees
You never say "yes"
I only say "please"
Please, oh please...

(February, 2010)
Track Name: Victories
by Ross Bellenoit

The sun is such a fickle thief
He'll steal away your driest tears
And the darkest light illuminates
The passing of your fading years

A blister from your burning hand
Will shake the truth right from the tree
And fall to tell your open eyes
That what you get is all you see

Inside the chaos of belief
Is something that you couldn't hold
No light of love, no weight of grief
No victories of blood and gold

Poised above the brink of change
A love awaits your simple sound
It asks of you to rearrange
Your memories on common ground

Inside the chaos of belief...

There's more behind an open door
It's calling you to take it home
Walking with a heart so poor
It begs for you to beat your own

Inside the chaos of belief...

(October, 2009)